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아트파크는 문화의 거리 삼청동에 2003년 개관하고 2020년 팔판동으로 이전했으며, 창의적인 예술세계를 추구하는 젊은 작가들을 발굴하고 그들의 작품을 기획전시한다. 아트파크는 2004년부터 세브란스 병원의 미술부분을 자문하며, 2009년부터는 세브란스 아트 스페이스 (신촌 세브란스 병원 본관)의 전시를 기획하여 예술 치유와 새롭고 다양한 예술체험의 기회를 제공하고 있다.

⌜The Magic of Photography」 (한미사진미술관, 2009), ⌜iRobot」 (조선일보미술관, 소마미술관, 2009, 2011), ⌜피카소와 아인슈타인 3.0」 (예술의 전당, 2011), ⌜서울사진축제」 (서울시립미술관, 2011), ⌜만화로 보는 세상」 (소마미술관, 2012), ⌜권진규와 여인」 (권진규 미술관, 2015-16), ⌜상상하는 미술: 우주의 탄생과 조화」 (국립과천과학관, 2017-19) 등 여러 공공미술관과 개인 미술관의 전시를 기획하였다.

아트파크는 국내외 유명한 아트페어에 참가하여 젊은 작가들의 예술세계를 소개하고 전시한다. 또한 국공립미술관 및 사립 미술관의 설립과 예술품 소장, 미술관 건축, 그리고 작품 설치 등 다양한 문화예술 행사를 기획, 자문하고 있다.



ARTPARK first opened in Samcheong-dong, the cultural hub of Seoul in 2003, with a goal to discover and represent artists with creative inspiration. ARTPARK's vibrant contemporary exhibitions feature the works of prominent Korean artists including  Namjune Paik, Joonsung Bae, Yongjin Kim and Leenam Lee. Additionally, we hold and deal eclectic inventory of important artworks by Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor, and Jean Pierre Raynaud. 


Since 2004, ARTPARK has been actively providing bespoke art consulting services for the Severance Hospital. At the Severance Art Space located at the Severance Hospital lobby, ARTPARK has been organizing various exhibitions to offer new, therapeutic visual experience for patients and visitors. Along with solo exhibitions of our innovative artists, ARTPARK curated diverse special exhibitions for public and private museums: The Magic of Photography (The Museum of Photography, Seoul, 2009), iRobot (Chosun Ilbo Art Museum, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, 2009, 2011), Picasso & Einstein 3.0 (Seoul Arts Center, 2011), Seoul Photo Festival (Seoul Museum of Art, 2011), Cartoon World (Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, 2012), Kwon Jinkyu and Woman (Kwon Jinkyu Museum, 2015-16), Imagining Art (Gwacheon National Science Museum, 2017-19).

ARTPARK participates in national and international art fairs every year to promote our represented artists to the art market. We also actively provide useful guidance and valuable advice for art museum establishments, art collections, and exhibitions.​ Visit our ART PARK and Severance Art Space page for exhibition dates and more useful information.


Kyuhyeong Park 박 규 형


2003 - present Director, ARTPARK

2004 - present Advisory committee, Severance Art Space, Severance Hospital


PhD course works, Hongik University, Seoul

MFA, University of Oregon, USA

BA, BFA, University of Oregon, USA

BA, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul


2011-13  Steering committee, Hongik Museum of Contemporary Art

2011        Art Advisory committee, Supreme Court of Korea;

                 Ministry of  Strategy and Finance; Ministry of Knowledge Economy;

                 Seoul National Hospital 'Gallery Daehan'

2008        Guest Professor, Duksung University

2001-       Lecturer, Hongik University

1996-03   Director, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul

2000         Exhibition Director, Media City Seoul 2000

1998         Curator,『Multimedia Art』, Kyungju Cultural Expo

1996         Guest Curator, Total Museum, Seoul

1995-91   Curator. Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art

1992         Visiting Professor, University of Oregon, USA

1986-89   Curator, The National Museum of Contemporary Art

1987         Visiting Profesional, Sites, Smithsonian Institution, USA

1984-86   GTF, University of Oregon, USA


2011  Award certificate, Seoul Metropolitan City of Seoul

1999  Award certificate, Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs

1995  curator-award certificate, The Ministry of Culture-Sports


『12 Art Curators』, co-publishing, Hangilsa, 2005

『Museum of the World』 co-publishing, The National Museum of Contemporary Art Press, 1998

Selected Exhibitions in ARTPARK (2003- )

2020  Art Garden (藝術 庭園)

2019  The Sublime Canvas, Yongjin Kim

2018  Unlimited Sculptural Space (無限彫刻空間)

           The Costume of Painter-at the Studio, Joonsung Bae

           Fantastic Reality, Kwangsu Kim

2017  SERENDIPITY, Joongkeun Lee

2016  cyborg-思利寶具, Yichul Shin

           Women of the Joseon Dynasty with Gemstone, Jong-il Woo

2014  Here Comes the Big Parade, Donghun Yeo

2008  Espace infini, Moonphil Shim

2006  Black Forest, Ki-soo Kwon

Selected Exhibitions in Severance Art Space (2009- )

2020  Following Nature, Jongha Park

2019  Reborn Light, Leenam Lee

2018  Lavender & Paradise, Donghun Yeo

2016  Neverland in Christmas

           A Day, Landscape of Desire, Myungsoon Yoon

2014  Beyond Here, Eunsun Park

           Paik to the Future, Namjune Paik

2013 ​ Fish and Factory, Youngho Kim

           Severance and Children

 2011  Waterdrops on Paper, Tschang-Yeul Kim

            iRobot - Art & Medical Science

Selected Group Exhibitions in Museums

2017  Imagining Art, Gwacheon National Science Museum

2015  The Magic of Art 3D, Kwon Jinkyu Museum, Chuncheon

            Kwon Jinkyu and Woman, Kwon Jinkyu Museum, Chuncheon

2013  Carbon Footprint Seoul 2013, Insa Art Center, Seoul

2012  Cartoon World, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art (SOMA), Seoul

2011  Seoul Photo Festival 2011, Seoul Museum of Art

           Picasso & Einstein 3.0』, Art Center, Seoul

           The Robot, Gallery Daehan, Seoul National University Hospital

           i Robot, Chosunilbo Art Museum, Seoul

2009  The Magic of Photograph, Hanmi Museum of Photograph, Seoul 

           i Robot, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art (SOMA), Seoul

 2007  Art in Philosophy, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul

 2005  The Magic of Art, Chosunilbo Art Museum, Seoul

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